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Appalachian Local Pastors-Memphis-Tennessee-Holston (ALPS-MTH) Extension School 

How to use this website:

We hope that everything you need is on this website.

Click on the ALPS or Memphis-TN-Holston tab at the top of the page.

Then, click on the Schedule and Syllabus, Locations or Registration Forms.

Click on the General Information tab just to see what is there that may be helpful to you.

When you click on the schedule you will scroll down to see 2016 courses and syllabi.  Once you have made the decision on what course you will take print the Registration form(s).  Send your check with the completed registration form(s) to your District Superintendent (DS) as soon as possible.  The DS will forward your application(s) to your Local Pastor Registrar (LPR).  The LPR will then forward your application(s) to our Registrar.  You will receive an email once you are registered.

Print your syllabus and start your pre-work as needed.  If a syllabus is not posted, we hope to receive it from the faculty member shortly so just check back for these or contact the director if needed.

Please contact us if you need assistance.

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