Written assignment guidelines

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Please follow these guidelines carefully.

    1. TYPE ALL ASSIGNMENTS, DOUBLE SPACED ON ONE SIDE OF REGULAR LETTER SIZE PAPER. (Note:  If syllabus requires different guidelines, please follow syllabus)
    2. Margins are to be one inch on all four sides of each page. All pages should be numbered either in the upper right-hand corner or bottom center.  (Note:  If syllabus requires different guidelines, please follow syllabus)
    3. State the questions at the beginning of your answers.  (Note:  If syllabus requires different guidelines, please follow syllabus)
    4. FOOTNOTES should be provided for references or quoted materials. These should be in this order: Author, title (underlined), city, publisher, and date (in parentheses), and page number.  Example: Fox & Morris, Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So, Nashville, (1981), pp 28-30.
    5. All work should represent your own work, except where credit is given.   Plagiariam Defined “You plagiarize when,  intentionally or not, you use someone’s words or ideas but fail to credit that person.  You plagiarize even when you do credit the author but use his exact words without so indicating with quotation marks or block indentations.  You also plagiarize when you use words so close to those in your source, that if your work were placed next to the source, it would be obvious that you could not have written what you did without the source at your elbow.”   From page 167 of the Craft   of Research by Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, and Joseph M. Williams, published in 1995 by the University of Chicago Press in Chicago.
    6. Attach a copy of the ALPS Cover Sheet on top of each assignment. Always keep a copy of these Guidelines and the Cover Page.  Make copies as needed.
    7. Mailing Assignments:  To facilitate handling of your assignments, please staple each assignment in the upper left hand corner. Do not use folders, binders or plastic covers on your assignments.  No paper clips, please.
    8. Remember that failure to put your name on each assignment could result in the loss of your work.
    9. Keep copies of all assignments mailed and bring copies with you to school.  It is suggested that you send your work with a return receipt requested from the US Post Office.
    10. NEW policy effective 2014…All assignments are due to be received in the ALPS office as stated below.  Please be in contact with the instructor of the course or the director of the school if pre-course work will be later than the due date.

– for weekend classes, four weeks before the class begins (one grade reduction if received within 4 weeks prior to class – two grade reduction if received on-site of class)

– for the May School, by April 5 (one grade reduction if received after April 5 and before April 30 – two grade reduction if received after April 30)

Mail Assignments to ALPS

Dr. Barbara Nye, Director, 1204 Choctaw Trail, Brentwood, TN 37027.

Exception:  Mail to the instructor if indicated on the course syllabus.

It is advisable that you establish a relationship with your Counseling Elder. Make plans for regular meetings. In the event that you have not been assigned a Counseling Elder, contact your District Superintendent.